Elite Reborn
Scene 03: On the road to Mahrvith | Elite Reborn

Scene 03: On the road to Mahrvith


Scene 3: On the Road to Mahrvith        Chaos Rank: 6
Scene Roll: 8 {No change}

Campaign: I stepped in what?! NPCs
Plant a sacred grove in Morhollow for the Elves of Lochrose
Alert LochRose of a possible Lizardman attack

Scene Q&A
Day 1 {Mahrvith is several days journey from Greenwyn}
  Does Zeneca encounter anyone on the way?
     (50/50) No (Rolled: 71)
  Does Zeneca find any secrets along the way?
    (Unlikely) Resounding NO (Rolled: 92)

Day 2
  Does Zeneca encounter anyone on the way?
     (50/50) Yes (Rolled: 50)
  Are they a threat to Zeneca?
     (50/50) Yes (Rolled: 21)
  Is the threat a PC race?>br>      (50/50) Yes (Rolled: 64)
  Are they bandits?
     (50/50) Resounding No (Rolled: 96)
  Is this a large group?
     (Unlikely) Yes (Rolled: 27)
  Are they in league with the lizardmen?
     (50/50) No (Rolled: 82)
  Can Zeneca escape without being noticed?
     (Somewhat Likely) Yes (Rolled: 49)

The only thing that saved Zeneca from being discovered was the fact that the group coming down the road was making enough noise. So much noise that they could have been a welcoming party for a returning king from coronation. This made it easy for Zeneca to slip in the woods and escape detection.

Day 3
  Has Zeneca been delayed more than a day due to the previous events?
     (50/50) No (Rolled: 69)
  Can Zeneca make up time?
     (Unlikely) Exceptional YES (Rolled: 02)

While journeying North, Zeneca was relieved to see a military column approaching from Sagemont or Greenwyn. Once they reached him, they asked if he was the Elf who alerted Lochrose about the possible attack. After finding out that he was, Captain Silver introduced himself and informed Zeneca that they had ridden to meet him and escort him to where ever it was he was travelling. The rest of the trip was uneventful with 15 armed guards to protect him.