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World Building 001 : Redoing the Map


Well, not specifically redoing the map, but continuing on getting the map to look how I have it in my head. As such, this took most of my weekend to get to… After dealing with a small flood of water from a drain pipe inside of our walls.

Back to the fun stuff though. I am no artist. And so when I started hand drawing my map, I had intended to do it in a way that I would be able to scan it in and finish it digitally. Well… I got carried away and started putting mountains… hills… forests… you get the point. So, after I scanned the image in it was no longer possible to easily finish the map in the electronic format. That is where I was last week. A scanned image and no layers. Over the weekend that changed. I was able to spend some time cutting out the names, for example, and adding other aspects that I wanted the map to have. This leads me to the most recent changes to my world. I started adding the ripples that I like from my first attempt at making a region map. The first thing that needed to happen was some shading for the water.

After giving the shadow layer some transparency, and turning on all of the layers, except the names, I decided upon a final look for the map. Well, final is a strong word. Colors will likely change here and there as I get more biomes and regions defined. In the end though, I am here:

This already looks better to my eye. And once I get the mountains, hills, and forests cut out and onto their own layers, things will be in an even easier place to get digital art onto the map instead of my poor hand drawn ones.