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Changing Pace for a Week or So....


So, as the title here suggests, I have decided to take some time away from my solo RPG adventure and focus on learning a few tools that will ultimately help me out with said adventure.

I have backed a KickStarter project for the Lazy DM part two, and I have a friend who is willing to participate in my world building exercise of Roleplaying for History. In such, I plan to incorporate the following into a campaign to achieve a few goals.

  • Return of the Lazy DM
  • Mythic GME
  • The Tome of Adventure Design
  • d100 Dungeon
  • Castle Oldskull : Game World Generator
  • Castle Oldskull : The Classic Dungeon Design Guide
  • Common Sense and my own brain

The goals that I want to achieve are:

  • Generate a game world that is believable and feels alive
  • Create a narrative around a central player and expand their knowledge of the world and their importance, or lack there of, in it
  • Create realistic, yet satisfying, content that is neither over the top OP combat nor underwhelming
  • Have a good time with a friend and test out my creative skills

So, thanks for bearing with me… For those who are actually reading this and sticking around that is :)