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Creating a World and Adventure Within.


I am not a very clever person when it comes to writing and how people interact. This will be my greatest hurdle to overcome while taking on this endeavor of generating a world that feels alive and genuine. But that is the task that I have given myself.

I started out this journey months ago. Years if I am to be honest. I first started looking up how to make my own maps. I found the Cartographer’s Guild and started learning how to do this. I have had some success, and other failures. I have yet to give up on making the maps as I have either not realized that I have not the skill to make a good map, or I have yet to find that skill lurking. Here is a recent map that I have going on for this endeavor as a map on paper.

From here, I have gone on to name the cities/towns that I have dotted on the map. This was a relatively quick process to achieve with the use of the Castle Oldskull World Generation guide. There are a lot of different tables within this work that allows the generation of a world without much effort from someone. For me, I am only using it for parts of this as I want it to be my world, and not a world entirely built upon someone else’s process. There are aspects that I want to control, and others that I don’t mind relinquishing to someone else.