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Scene 01: Travelling On | Elite Reborn

Scene 01: Travelling On


Campaign: I stepped in what?! NPCs
Plant a sacred grove in Morhollow for the Elves of Lochrose Gillie Zilli (f.Human)
Achaoa Erb (F.Human)
Dardol Declerck (m.Human)
Missa Spee (f.Human)
Oedipus Vandoom (m.Human)
Anthic Firesword (m.dwarf)
Adra Firesword (f.dwarf)

Scene 1: Travelling from Lochrose to Greenwyn           Chaos Rank: 4
Scene roll: 9
Scene Q&A:
Are there any delays while travelling to Greenwyn
    (50/50) EXCEPTIONAL YES (Roll: 13)
Is the delay an ambush?
    (50/50) EXCEPTIONAL NO (Roll: 97)
Is the delay an NPC in need of help?
    (50/50) Yes (Roll: 24)

Event Action: 45
    Action: Celebration
Event Subject: 20
    Subject: Joy

There was a wedding in Greenwyn with the newlyweds and their guests making their way to Lochrose.

Does the wedding take up more than an hour of time?
    (50/50) No (Roll: 80)       Chaos Rank: 5
After wishing the couple well, Zeneca continues to Greenwyn. Are there any additional delays?
    (Likely) EXCEPTIONAL YES! (Rolled: 5)
Exceptional yes => Random Event => Monster Encounter

Rolling 2d8 vs River/Riverside encounter
    Rolled 7 : Lizardmen
Are there more than 1 lizardmen?
    (50/50) Yes (Rolled: 40)
Are there 3 or more?
    (50/50) No (Rolled: 50)

Part GME, Part Basic Fantasy : Combat
    Rolled a 5 on a 1d6 for surprise. Not Surprised.

Are the lizardmen closer than 30 feet to Zeneca?
    (50/50) No (Rolled: 85)
Are they greater than 100 feet?
    (50/50) No (Rolled: 88)    DOUBLES!
  Doubles are greater than the chaos factor. Nothing happens. Continuing on to combat or attempt to evade…

Are there any woods to the North side of the road?
    (Somewhat Likely) Yes (Rolled : 57)
Zeneca decides to try and hide in or around the trees.

Move Silently Check: Rolled 01/25 : Stunning Success! Time to hid.
Hide Check: Rolled 32/10) Fail! However, with the stunning success of move silently Zeneca has another attempt to hide.
Hide Check: 01/10 Success!

The lizardmen make so much noise that they were unable to hear Zeneca. Once in the trees, it took Zeneca a few tense minutes to find someplace to hide, but in the end he was able to find a pine tree that had branches low enough that he was able to climb up, disappearing into the canopy of the trees.

Do the lizardmen move on, leaving Zeneca in peace?
    (50/50) No (Rolled: 86)
Do they find where Zeneca is hiding?
    (50/50) No (Rolled: 85)

Looking around in puzzlement, the lizardmen appear to know that there is someone around, or that something is not quite right.

Are they a threat to Zeneca?
    (50/50) Yes (Rolled: 22) Doubles! Random Event

Event Focus PC Negative (Rolled: 64)
Action: 13 (decreased)
Subject: 39 (news)

Overhearing the lizardmen talking human, Zeneca forms a more negative reaction to them. One of the lizardmen asked why they were speaking in the human tongue, to which the reply was to help infiltrate the human settlement at night.

Is Zeneca closer to Greenwyn than LochRose?
    (50/50) No (Rolled: 55)
        Chaos Rank: (+1) 6

Zeneca has a decision to make. Assuming that the lizardmen are talking about the closer LochRose, does he return to warn them, or continue on to Greenwyn?

Campaign: I stepped in what?! NPCs
Plant a sacred grove in Morhollow for the Elves of Lochrose
Alert LochRose of a possible Lizardman attack
Caleope Tourette (F. Human)
Nesta Forquaist (F. Human)
Galien Stepperfellt (M. Human)
Otus Symonds (M. Human)

Zeneca spends 10 minutes arguing with himself.
Does anyone come along heading to LochRose?
    (50/50) Yes (Rolled: 24)

Zeneca writes down what he ovserved, and asks the group to hand it, and a verbal recountance of what he has told them.

Do they accept this task from Zeneca?
    (Likely) Yes (Rolled: 44) Doubles!

Event focus: PC Positive (Rolled: 72)
Action: Assist (Rolled: 83)
Subject: Suffering (Rolled: 55)

Sufferring and assistance with a Positive PC outcome…

The group had set off from Greenwyn without bringing enough food. Zeneca fishes for dinner in exchange of the message being relayed.

Fishing vs Dexterity (Rolled: 5 vs Dex(12))

Zeneca successfully caught fish, enough to feed everyone in the current group. After frying them up, Zeneca bids them safe journeys and tells them to travel until dark to put distance between them and this spot on the road.

Zeneca makes it a quarter of the way to Greenwyn.
        Chaos Rank:(-1) 5