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Scene 02: The Arrival | Elite Reborn

Scene 02: The Arrival


Scene 2: Arrival in Greenwyn        Chaos Rank: 5
Scene Roll: 5 (Same or less than Chaos Rank)
Scene Q&A: Altered Scene. Upon arriving in Greenwyn, Zeneca is taken to the local barracks upon hearing of his encounter with the lizardmen.

Campaign: I stepped in what?! NPCs
Plant a sacred grove in Morhollow for the Elves of Lochrose
Alert LochRose of a possible Lizardman attack
Un-named Inn Keeper

Is Zeneca believed?
    (Very Likenly) Yes (Rolled: 22)
Is there a reward for the information?
    (50/50) No (Rolled: 28)
Is Zeneca in the barracks for longer than half an hour?
    (Very Unlikely) No (Rolled: 28)

Since it is dark, Zeneca finds room & board for the night. This turns out to be free after telling the innkeeper of the events of his day. As thanks, Room & Breakfast are free.